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Southeast waking up to death, destruction after brutal storms 
Authorities said at least 14 people died in south Georgia on Sunday, when severe winds and possible tornadoes struck the region. Severe weather killed four people in Mississippi on Saturday. (Jan. 23) AP A wide swath of the Southeast was waking up to ...

Reince Priebus: White House Will Fight Media 'Tooth And Nail' Over Trump Coverage 
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House vowed on Sunday to fight the news media “tooth and nail” over what it sees as unfair attacks, with a top adviser saying the Trump administration had presented “alternative facts” to counter low inauguration ...

Intel officials say Trump's visit to CIA headquarters was "uncomfortable" 
President Trump’s first official trip was to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, on Saturday. His speech there was supposed to smooth over any bad feelings with the intelligence community, but it may have done exactly the opposite. Before being sworn ...

Bruce Springsteen Declares Support For Women's March Protesters Out In The Street 
Bruce Springsteen declared his solidarity on Sunday with the millions of women who turned out for the Women’s March on Washington and its sister marches around the world. During a concert in Perth, Australia, the Boss gave a powerful shoutout to ...

Model Hanne Gaby Odiele reveals she is intersex 
At least 1 in 5,000 U.S. babies are born each year with intersex conditions _ ambiguous genitals because of genetic glitches or hormone problems. Secrecy and surgery are common. But some doctors and activists are trying to change things. (April 17) AP ...

The Latest: California Storm's Tail End Prompts Flood Fears 
The tail end of a punishing winter storm is lashing California with thunderstorms and severe winds after breaking rainfall records, washing out roads and whipping up enormous waves over the weekend. A thunderstorm brought ashore hail early Monday northwest ...

Is Chicago Safe? Weekend Killings, Violence Claim 6 Lives Of People Younger Than 27 Years Old 
Six people were killed and more than 47 were injured in Chicago following a spate of shootings across the city this weekend. All of those killed were under the age of 27, Fox News reported Monday. In the 24-hour period between Saturday and Sunday, three ...

Police officer pulls woman from burning car 
(CNN)Dramatic video captured on a police body camera shows the moment an officer frees a frightened woman trapped in a burning car. The woman had called 911 to report that she was trapped in her burning vehicle in Spokane, Washington on Friday. She said ...

Unreal Real Estate TV: The Fake and Sometimes Dark Side of House-Hunting, Renovating & Remodeling for Our Viewing Pleasure 
As anyone who's ever bought or sold a home, renovated or remodeled or undertook an extensive home-improvement project knows—it's impossible to wholly encapsulate that experience in 22 to 48 minutes on TV. And even if you haven't done any of those things ...

El Chapo Brought Down to Size in a Brooklyn Courtroom 
There was no mustache to hide his dour countenance as Judge James Orenstein read a 17-count indictment to him. Orenstein explained Chapo’s rights point by point, and asked multiple times if Chapo understood the charges against him. “Si, seņor ...

Protests erupt in Romania over proposals to soften criminal penalties 
January 23, 2017 —Thousands of Romanians took to the streets Sunday to speak out against a government proposal that they worry could reverse a crackdown on high-level corruption. More than 15,000 people gathered in Bucharest's University Square to ...

KeKe Palmer Accuses Trey Songz of ''Sexual Intimidation'' After She Allegedly Didn't Authorize Her Cameo in a Music Video 
UPDATE: Trey Songz released another statement on Instagram to defend himself. "So sorry for those that believe everything without knowing anything. However, I cannot devote my life to responding to, or clearing up every side of every story you hear about ...

Flyaway balloon strikes utility line, knocks out power in almost 1,400 central Florida homes 
Power was knocked out for almost 1,400 central Florida homes and businesses when a metallic balloon left at a gravesite broke free and struck a utility line. Authorities say the balloon covered in red hearts broke free Friday from a floral arrangement left ...

Good Samaritan shot dead in San Antonio mall; second suspect caught 
San Antonio mall shooting suspect Jason Prieto, 34, on January 22, 2017 Last Updated Jan 23, 2017 7:18 AM EST SAN ANTONIO --Police here say two suspects are in custody after a robbery inside a shopping mall Sunday afternoon ended in a shooting that left ...

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